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Introducing the Shred-o-Meter, the World’s First Musical Note Speedometer

  • Axl Rosenberg

shred-o-meterHey guitar players: ever wanted to know how fast you’re playing? Well, great news: there’s this thing called a metronome which can totally help you with that! Wait, what’s that, you say? You don’t wanna use a metronome? You hate tradition? You love silliness? Well, guess what, bruh? I STILL have great news for you: this dude Tobias Hurwitz has created the Shred-o-Meter [sic], “the world’s first musical note speedometer,” which measures your playing in NPS — notes per second! Rad, right?!?!

All kidding aside — I’m no Misha Mansoor, so maybe this is just way over my head, but the point of this device is more or less completely lost on me. I guess it was more or less completely lost on potential investors, too: these videos, made in apparent attempt to raise the money to take a prototype into production, was made in 2009, yet not only has the Shred-o-Meter still not hit the market, the product’s advertised website doesn’t actually exist. Bummer.

Check out these videos, and then discuss in the comments section: if the Shred-o-Meter were a really real thing, would you actually buy one? And if so… why?

Thanks: Alfred B.

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