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Come “Along For the Ride” with Dream Theater


Dream Theater - Dream Theater

Pundits (myself included!) are claiming that Dream Theater’s new album is their best since 2003’s Train of Thought, or at least their heaviest.

Unfortunately “Along For the Ride,” the latest track to be released from the album, probably isn’t going to convince you of that. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good song, but it’s a page out of DT’s much mellower book. Think less “This Dying Soul” and more “The Spirit Carries On.” Dream Theater are always good for one or two of these an album, and this time around is no exception. Which, like I said, is fine — it’s always been a yin and yang kind of thing with DT — just know what you’re getting into when you press “play.”

Stream it over at, and then if you find yourself needing a dose of heavy to even things out go on and give “The Enemy Inside” another listen, ’cause that one’s a banger and a half.

Dream Theater comes out on September 24. Order it here.

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