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New Ihsahn Song! New Ihsahn Song!



The Emperor of Emperor’s new song, “Hiber,” is another predictably unpredictable, typically a-typical prog doozy. The opening track from the new Ihsahn albumDas Seelenbrechen, and, fittingly, the first track from the album released to the public, it starts out as a fair traditional, evil-sounding metal song, then quickly takes a turn for the psychedelic with Doppler-effected keyboard that sound like Ray Manzarek recording music for Castlevania, and then it quickly takes another turn into the realm of jagged rhythms and other meshugganah Meshuggah-esque forms of music dorkery.

You’re gonna love it.

Listen to “Hiber” here (skip to 21:45), then come back to discuss it on our comments section. Das Sealisbroken comes out October 22 on Candlelight.

[via Heavy Blog is Heavy]

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