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Nergal Bleeds for His Art (Literally)

  • Axl Rosenberg

blood pentagram

I wonder if Nergal is a Vincent Castiglia fan?

In a new interview with Heavy magazine, the guitarist/vocalist reveals that the cover art for the new Behemoth album, The Satanist, will contain his own blood. Nergal’s plasma will be mixed into a painting by Russian symbolist Denis Forkas for “a more organic feel.” Says The Nerginator:

“I wanted to incorporate some of my DNA into the art,. This album seems to be so defining of who we are now as people and as individuals, and considering all the instances in recent years, [we wanted] to make it more ‘ours’ than it is usually.”

So that’s obviously as metal as fuck… although when you buy a Castiglia piece, the entire thing was done in the artist’s blood, which is now part of the art you own. I understand that it’s unrealistic to expect Nergal to put his blood onto thousands of CD and vinyl covers, but maybe he could spare a few pints for a limited edition? I bet there are crazy people who would pay a lot of money for that. Just thinking out loud here.

The Satanist will be out sometime in 2014 on Metal Blade.

Thanks: Stephen P.

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