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Petition: Get the NFL to Choose Gwar to Perform at the 2015 Super Bowl!


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Tired of the endless parade of hollow pop stars that have graced the stage of the Super Bowl halftime show in recent years? Think it’d be much better with a little dose of metal? Now’s your chance to make it happen!

In his 2013 season kickoff, MetalSucks NFL columnist Dave Brockie (aka Oderus Urungus of Gwar) leveled some pretty harsh words at this season’s recently announced halftime performer, Bruno Mars: “BARF.” That about sums up how we all collectively feel.

MetalSucks reader, Gwar fan and NFL enthusiast Jeff Cantrell (no relation to Jerry, we’re assuming) has decided to do something about: he’s launched a petition through directed towards Greg Aiello, Senior Vice President of Communications for the NFL, to land Gwar a spot on the 2015 halftime show. If the petition gains 10,000 signatures, then… well, to be honest, I’m not quite sure what will happen… but it’s already gotten more than 1,500 signers in less than 24 hours (plus an additional 100 since I started writing this post) and it’s gaining steam quickly.

Go and sign it now! It’ll only take a minute, not even. Can you imagine seeing a decapitated Obama spewing blood all over unsuspecting Super Bowl attendees? It’d be a spectacle, that’s for sure. But not as much of a bloodbath as Brockie’s beloved Redskins took last week (ohhhhhh!).

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