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Rivers of Nihil’s “Mechanical Trees” is the Soundtrack To Humanity’s End


Rivers of Nihil - The Conscious Seed of Light


“They kind of remind me of Vader.”

“Whitechapel with a more progressive sound.”

“This is actually pretty damn good!”

“Worth listening to, and axl posted it? now I’m confused…”

Those were just a few of the thoughts that you MetalSucks devotees shared in the comments section when we posted “Rain Eater,” the first single from Rivers of Nihil’s new album The Conscious Seed of Light, in an extremely rare display of Metal Interhole unity. Huzzah! Rivers of Nihil are definitely onto something, whatever the hell it is (the above referenced bands are certainly great starting points; I’d also toss Morbid Angel and Gojira into the mix).

“Mechanical Trees,” which premiered this morning at No Clean Singing, is one of my favorite tracks on the record; it shows a little more dynamic than the non-stop face pummeling of “Rain Eater,” (not that there’s anything wrong with that) and it leans a tad bit more progressive. Unsurprisingly the song’s subject matter is dark as fuck. Here’s bassist Adam Biggs:

The lyrics paint a bleak picture of humanity’s future, wherein the environment has become so damaged that we are forced to rely on machines to create breathable oxygen for most living creatures. Eventually, this way of life becomes too much for Earth’s dwindling human population, so the powers that be lace the machines with hallucinogenic substances to ease the pain of death. While that seems bleak, this song is actually a lot of fun to play live. It contains some of the more difficult riffs on the record, while also maintaining a good deal of atmosphere.

Bummed out yet? Stream “Mechanical Trees” over at No Clean Singing.

The Conscious Seed of Light comes out October 15 on Metal Blade. Pre-order it here! The band will be touring with Beneath the Massacre, Legion and Rings of Saturn in early October, then they’ll play support on Dying Fetus’ MetalSucks-sponsored trek, along with Exhumed, Devourment, and Abiotic later in the month. All dates listed here.

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