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Rob Caggiano and Anthrax are Friends Again

  • Axl Rosenberg

Scott Ian Volbeat

When Rob Caggiano left Anthrax at the beginning of this year, it was apparently on good terms — that is, until he announced that he was joining Volbeat. According to drummer Charlie Benante, Caggiano had been less-than-forthcoming about his reasons for leaving ‘Thrax:

“I was bummed. He said that he wanted to pursue more producing options, and that was his reason for leaving… He wanted to get back to producing and getting off  the road. And you’re probably going to tell me, ‘well you do know he joined another band, right?’ That makes it a bit confusing. I know a lot of our fans were sad to see him go, but were like ‘if you want to go produce, we understand that.’ But when you read that he went to go join another band, that makes it seem a bit sketchy.”

So that doesn’t exactly sound amicable, does it? Based on that quote, it seemed safe to assume that shit between Caggiano and his former bandmates was not exactly hunky-dory.

But time heals all wounds, and now Anthrax have found a wonderful replace for Caggiano in the form of Shadows Fall’s Jon Donais. The members of Anthrax may have also realized that Donais is their fourth lead guitarist, so they can definitely persevere without Caggiano. Whatever the case, it appears that Caggiano and at least one member of Anthrax are once again cool with one another: Scott Ian jumped up on stage at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles this past Monday night to perform with Caggiano and Volbeat. Specifically, to perform a hybrid of Anthrax’s “I Am the Law” and Volbeat’s “Pool of Booze, Booze, Booze.” I’m not much of a Volbeat fan, but the results were actually pretty goddamn heavy. Check out fan-filmed footage below:

And now you can start fantasizing about an Anthrax/Volbeat tour! Yay.

[via Wildchild]

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