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Gojira Drummer Mario Duplantier Now Selling His Paintings


So as it turns out, Gojira’s Mario Duplantier is a renaissance man: not only is he an insanely skilled drummer, but he’s a painter, too! (He also surfs, but that doesn’t really seem relevant to this particular discussion.) And sometimes he combines those two passions… and paints on old drum heads!

Here are some samples of his work, which look very much like they could adorn a Gojira album cover or t-shirt. (Which makes sense — even though Joe Duplantier did the final painting for the L’Enfant Sauvage album art, he has said that Mario contributed to the work as well.) Even at their most freakish or bleak, there’s a kind of gentle quality to them, which is befitting of Mario, who is one of the more amiable and polite human beings I’ve ever met.

Mario Duplantier Paintings

Want to own a Duplantier for your personal collection? Mario is now selling them both via his official website and at Gojira’s merch booth on their upcoming tour with Slayer; you can get dates for that tour here. I heard Lars Ulrich has already bought and sold ten of them!

[via Roadrunner]

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