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Doomriders - Grand Blood

Is this the first song we’re hearing from Doomriders’ new album Grand Blood, out October 15th? By golly, that’s less than a month away, yet I think that it is.

Here’s the thing: I am not so much a fan of recent Doomriders output despite falling in love with their early stuff. These guys were at their best when they were playing infectious Thin Lizzy-tinged metal n’ roll on their 2005 debut Black Thunder, but they seemed to step away from that on 2009’s Darkness Comes Alive. My pal Axl summed it up perfectly when he posted live footage of a new song called “New Pyramids” earlier this year: “this actually sounds less party-friendly than the Doomriders I’m used to and more like straightforward beardo metal (for lack of a better term).”

New song “Dead Friends” seems to continue on that path; it’s a decent song, for sure, which a really catchy vocal hook and an infectious riff to match, but there’s not a whole lot that differentiates it from what so many other metal bands are doing. It lacks that twin-guitarmony melodic awesomeness that made Black Thunder such a rad album. But it’s only one song, so I’ll certainly reserve final judgment until I hear all of Grand Blood.

[via Lambgoat]

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