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Cynic’s Paul Masvidal Produced Music for Jim Carrey’s Children’s Book How Roland Rolls


How Roland Rolls

When I was a little wee kid I had a Fisher Price record player. I spun my Fraggle Rock record into smithereens!

Not that I ever bothered to check the album’s producer credits (or would’ve cared if I had), but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t produced by anyone as cool as Paul Masvidal. The Cynic frontman/guitarist collaborated with Jim Carrey for the musical accompaniment to Carrey’s new children’s book How Roland Rolls (which came out yesterday, for those of you with kids!), and there’s some footage of the two working together in the studio in the below behind-the-scenes video. Here’s a synopsis of the book:

How Roland Rolls is the exciting and heart-warming adventure of a wave named Roland. Roland is scared to hit the beach because he doesn’t know what happens next! But, after meeting an eclectic group of sea creatures, Roland comes to learn that life doesn’t end in the sand, it merely evolves into something new and exciting.

Adorable, right? I feel like I read something in the past about Masvidal working on children’s music as a regular gig when he’s not busy with Cynic, although I can’t find any mention of it now… but how cool is that?? Some little child who ends up loving How Roland Rolls is gonna grow up to learn that a legendary death metal musician produced his or her favorite childhood album, and it’s gonna be all corpsepaint and frosty grimness from thereon out.

How Roland Rolls came out yesterday, and both the book and EP can be ordered here.

Thanks: Michael M.

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