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Convulse Fight an “Unholy War”


Convulse - Evil PrevailsAs if the release of Carcass’ Surgical Steel weren’t already cause for celebration, another recently-reunited, legendary death metal band, Finland’s Convulse, will release their new album, Evil Prevails, in November. And that’s on TOP of Inner Evil, the two-song EP the band released in January. Convulse may have been away for two decades, but they’re coming back in style.

Now Invisible Oranges has premiered our first taste of Evil Prevails in the form of “Unholy War,” and holy crapticles, does it ever live up to expectations. This is the kinda song that makes me wish I still had long hair — it just begs for windmilling. I guess I’ll just have to settle for strapping on my Doc Martens and stomping some MetalSucks Mansion Monkeys to death instead.

Check out “Unholy War” hereEvil Prevails comes out November 1 on Svart.

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