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Countdown to the Fourth Annual MetalSucks/Metal Injection CMJ Showcase: F*ck the Facts



The Fourth Annual MetalSucks/Metal Injection CMJ Showcase is two weeks from today at The Acheron in Brooklyn! And if any of our past CMJ shows are any indication, it’s going to be the party of the goddamn year! Tickets are on sale now for just ten bucks, and the show will feature Fit For An Autopsy, Meek is Murder, Hivesmasher, the live debut of Stomach Earth (featuring members of The Red Chord and Job for a Cowboy), and — following in the footsteps of past headliners such as Pig Destroyer, Kvelertak, Skeletonwitch, and A Life Once Lost — Fuck the Facts.

And you may be wondering how we came to settle on asking these Canadian gods of grind to follow in such prestigious footsteps. Well, we’ll tell you.

A lot of it is just about the music, duh: Fuck the Facts aren’t just one of the foremost bands in modern grindcore, but they’re the oh-so-rare grindcore band that has shown artistic development over the course of their thirteen-year career. In fact, we’re not even entirely comfortable calling them “just” a grind band anymore, because they’ve come to incorporate elements of death metal, sludge, hardcore, and thrash into their sound. More impressive still is that they’re really good at pretty much every metallic sub-genre they touch. Musicians spend lifetimes trying to master just one of those forms of metal — and they often fail. Fuck the Facts, however, make it look easy. And fun.

And a lot of it is about Fuck the Facts being some of the most energetic, impassioned performers we’ve ever seen in our lives.

Case in point: the below photo of Fuck the Facts vocalist Mel Mongeon was taken a few years ago in the basement of Cake Shop in New York — a room which holds a hundred people, max, and is always just hot and sweaty and gnarly as fuck.

Countdown to the Fourth Annual MetalSucks/Metal Injection CMJ Showcase: F*ck the Facts

As you can tell, the performance FtF delivered that day was the very definition of “intense.” That much more so, in fact, because — although you can’t see it in the above photo — Mongeon was pregnant at the time. Very pregnant. Like, we distinctly remember worrying her water might break while she was on stage.

Is that not the most metal-as-fuck thing you’ve ever heard in your whole life?

So trust us when we tell you — you do NOT wanna miss this show. Buy tickets now.

Below, you can further educate yourself on the awesomeness that is Fuck the Facts’  by streaming their two most recent releases: the full-length Die Miserable (one of my favorite albums of 2011), and this year’s Amer EP. You can stream and buy even more music on Fuck the Facts’ Bandcamp page.

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