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A-Maze-ing Video: Ozzy, Geezer Tour Sabbath-Inspired Horror Attraction


If wanting to see Ozzy Osbourne in his least confused state, you should witness the moment he gobbles his fave drugz; that’s any druggy’s moment of extreme focus. But then again, the doddering old queen seemed pretty sharp last week as he emerged from the Black Sabbath-themed super-maze at Universal Studios (above). Which is odd. I mean, shouldn’t a dazzling multi-media horror attraction worsen his state of gibbering delirium?

Huh maybe it’s a hint that wife Sharon Osbourne, though present, does not appear in the clip. (Big ups to her girl Kelly for not letting her go unmentioned.) That is, maybe Ozzy was coolly lucid at the event cuz he’s icing Sharon out; after all, she’s promoting a new memoir that seeks to profit from their recent marriage tumult. So maybe he’s pissed that she controls that narrative. Or maybe no maze can scare Ozzy after coming face-to-face with the evil CHUDDs that spray from Sharon’s deathsnatch every Christmas. Let’s ask him :)

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