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Record Shop Fun With The Devil Wears Prada, Metal Injection

  • Anso DF


Our encounters with the bros of The Devil Wears Prada have been nice, cuz they’re decent fellows and stuff. But our rapport may be shattered if I ever join them for a trip to the record store. O, the hoots, catcalls, and giggles I’d volley at them as they thumb dorky vinyls and nerd out on rightly rare finds. But our lovers at Metal Injection were totally professional when they hung out with the TDWP gang at a fancy Manhattan record shop. Here’s how it went:

Nice! Anybody would split a pizza with these chill dudes! But you’d probably start the jeering based on the video’s following revelations:

  • TDWP bassist stud, a Low fan, has loved Belle & Sebastian “for years” and says so openly. Two hallmarks of a wannabe Mormon Canadian.
  • Red hoodie guitarist is about to be disappointed by a new release of an early Depeche Mode club show. Cuz back then they weren’t that great at being so very awful.
  • Squinty guitarist pays a non-compliment to Explosions In The Sky: Their music doesn’t distract him from his “drawing.”
  • Their drummer is a drummer, and yet he’s not shown drooling (!) as he speaks full (!!) sentences with a smile (!!!).
  • The singer dude admires Steve Albini, loves Chicago “more than anything,” and likes to talk about being into box sets by The National and real books. Whoa that’s a lot of hilarious stuff. This guy is a richer source of comedy than Asian drivers, the valley, and Tim Lambesis combined!

The Devil Wears Prada released 8:18 a couple weeks ago. Jam here and get it here.

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