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Noctum are “Resurrected in Evil”


Noctum - Final Sacrifice

You know what’d be hilarious? If it turned out that the members of Noctum were actually the dudes in Ghost, just without the makeup. One incredibly elaborate, long-con marketing stunt, the greatest troll of all time. I mean, it’s unlikely, but think about it, it’s possible: Both are from Sweden. Both channel King Diamond / Mercyful Fate in healthy doses and write about the occult. The vocalists sound EXACTLY the same. Both bands write very catchy songs. I doubt it’s the case, but hey, you never know!

All the above is a roundabout way of saying that if you dig Ghost you really oughtta check out Noctum. I find it a little easier to enjoy Noctum than Ghost knowing that they’re not relying on a shtick to grab eyeballs and eardrums. By no means are they offering anything new, but I’ve listened to their new album Final Sacrifice a few times through now and it’s certainly chock full o’ catchy as hell songs. Read the official MS review of the record if you’re so inclined.

Noisecreep is exclusively streaming a new Noctum song called “Resurrected in Evil;” check it out here, then come back and let us know what you think. Stream the track “Liberty in Death” and “Temple of the Living Dead” here if you want another taste. And, finally, if you like what you’re hearing then order Final Sacrifice here before its October 29th release date.

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