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“Necro Morph”: Get Yer First Taste of New Pestilence

  • Axl Rosenberg

Pestilence - ObsideoI recently babysat for my five-year-old “nephew” (really a friend’s child) so his parents could have a night out on the town. We were sitting on their couch watching TV when asked me about death, what it means, where you go, etc. I’m not sure why he decided to ask me this question and not his parents or a teacher or some other more-qualified adult, but he did.

I was, admittedly, ill-prepared for such a momentous question from such a young mind, and wasn’t really sure how to answer. But then the proverbial light bulb turned on above my head and suddenly I knew exactly to explain what death is.

So I played the little fucker “Necro Morph,” Pestilence’s upbeat lil’ ditty about the inevitably of death.

I’ve been told I’m never allowed to babysit again. Sheesh. As though there were some better way I could have handled that situation.

“Necro Morph” will appear on Pestilence’s forthcoming Obsideo, which comes out November 11 on Candlelight.

[via Metal Underground]

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