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You Stream Enabler’s Flies EP! You Stream Enabler’s Flies EP or You Die!!!


Enabler - Flies

Revolver takes a lot of shit these days, often rightfully so, but I gotta say — they are having a righteous week. On Monday, they streamed Meek is Murder’s new album, Everything is Awesome Nothing Matters, and now they’re streaming Enabler’s Flies EP. I approve!

So. Yes, the Enabler EP is killer, as you’d expect. I don’t even mind that it features the third cover of Sepultura’s “Arise” to be released this year, ’cause they did an excellent job with it. Really, Flies is just an all-around win, and you should either check it out or go staple your erogenous zones shut so as to ensure you don’t birth any more Five Finger Death Punch fans. Poser.

Stream Flies below. You can buy it here for just four bucks!!!

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