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Evergreen Terrace Beat Dead Horses


Evergreen Terrace - Dead HorsesIf I knew that Evergreen Terrace were still around or that they had even released another album after 2007’s Wolfbiker, I have long since forgotten this information. So I had a “Like wait whoa really?!” kinda chuckle when I read on The PRP that they have a new album coming out. Appropriately, the album is called Dead Horses… I don’t know if that’s a knowing wink towards the fact that this band is still playing the most absolute tired shit imaginable (hardcore verse, “inspirational” autotuned emo chorus, hardcore verse, “inspirational” autotuned emo chorus, breakdown, “inspirational” autotuned emo chorus, out) or if the band remains blissfully unaware of their irrelevance.

You can stream the entire title track below, or skip to the second video to just hear the part about which you actually care.

Dead Horses Title Track (Full Song)

Just the Part About Which You Actually Care

Dead Horses is out December 10 on… Rise? Ohhhhhhhh! There it is.

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