Watch This Documentary About The Ocean’s Tour of China


The Ocean - Collective Oblivion

The Ocean are releasing a 3x DVD set called Collective Oblivion in November. Like WHOA, that’s a lot of Ocean! Here’s what the DVDs will contain:

  • Three full live concerts with a total of 21 individual song performances
  • 130 minutes of The Ocean history, as told by band members, past and present
  • 175 minutes of tour documentaries and live footage filmed in North America, Asia, Russia, Australia, and Europe (some of which have already been on YouTube for some time)

As alluded to above, some of the tour documentaries have already been out and about for some time. Check the recaps of their Russian tour here and here, released last year. To my knowledge the following 30-minute documentary of the band’s tour of China has not been released yet, so this is my first time watching it. I’m about ten minutes in and it’s positively fascinating; these are parts of the world 99.9% of us will never see and experiences that 99.9% of us will never have. The fellas in The Ocean are some lucky chaps for having the opportunity to visit the farthest corners of the globe, and to do it with their rock and roll band, no less. Watch, via Noisey:

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