All Shall Perish’s Mike Tiner Says Band HAD to Fire Eddie Hermida After He Joined Suicide Silence

  • Axl Rosenberg

Tiner and HermidaMetal Injection are killing it this week: first, they scored an exclusive interview with vocalist Eddie Hermida about his joining Suicide Silence, and now they’e gotten ANOTHER exclusive interview, this time with Mike Tiner, bassist and sole remaining original member of All Shall Perish. And the discussion suggests that all is not hunky-dory between Hermida and his former bandmates.

Tiner alleges that Hermida and Suicide Silence ostensibly backed All Shall Perish into a wall, and their only way out to fire Hermida. According to Tiner, while the vocalist originally promised the other members of ASP that “both bands would be able to coexist and work together with one another,” it very quickly became clear that this was not the case:

“Suicide Silence’s management informed us of all of the things All Shall Perish would and would not be ‘allowed’ to do. All Shall Perish could not play a show until Eddie was well ‘established’ as the new singer of Suicide Silence. Suicide Silence’s management told us that they would have to be well into their new album and touring cycle before All Shall Perish could be seen again with Eddie.

“That is easily a year of All Shall Perish not being ‘allowed’ to do anything; possibly more than a year. There were other rules, too, but this one was huge. When we heard this, we immediately all got on the phone with Eddie and asked him how him being in both bands could ever work… Eddie still insisted it could work but also maintained that Suicide Silence would be his priority. We asked Eddie if he was quitting and he said, ‘No, I’m not. If you want me out of All Shall Perish, you’ll have to fire me.’”

Which, of course, is exactly what happened.

Tiner goes into much more detail about how the whole thing went down, and what the future holds for All Shall Perish. It’s a must-read. Check it out here!!!

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