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Are Steel Panther Raising Bucketloads of $$$ through New Album Crowd-Funding Campaign??


Steel Panther Party Like It's The End Of The World

Steel Panther are crowd-funding their next album, entitled All You Can Eat, and by all measures seem to be doing quite well with it (they’re at 70% of their goal with 60 days left as of this writing). The only problem? We have no idea how much money they’re asking for!

The platform they’re using, PledgeMusic, allows campaigns to keep their total goal $ amount hidden. Otherwise it’s set up just like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, with various packages offered for different contribution amounts. The “Fat Girl” package — which includes an album download, a VIP pass to Steel Panther shows in 2014, a large pizza, naked pictures of Satchel, a custom voicemail greeting from the band and more — is all sold out at $100 a pop.

Theoretically it shouldn’t matter how much Steel Panther’s total goal is, and knowing that amount shouldn’t affect whether or not anyone donates — some bands are modest, some shoot high, some smash right through their goals and some fall way short — because if a fan’s interested in the band that’s all that matters, right? But for some reason it irks me that Steel Panther aren’t telling us how much they’re asking for. Part of the appeal of crowd-funding is the full transparency built through the direct-to-fan relationship, and to keep a band’s finances a secret from fans — money which they raised directly from those very people — seems disingenuous.

In any case it sounds like SP are asking for a buttload of money and they’re gonna get it, which is ultimately completely fine with me because STEEL FUCKING PANTHER! Frankly I’m shocked no record label offered them enough lure them in. Or maybe they just prefer to do it all in house.

In case you missed it, check out SP’s righteous new video “Party” here! (NSFW)

[via Metal Insider]

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