Unsigned and Unholy

Unsigned and Unholy: Black Fast, Underling, Burak Ozmucur


Black Fast - Starving Out the Light

I’m tempted to compare Black Fast to Revocation, but really I think they just remind of one of the bands that most influenced Revocation: Death. Starving Out the Light has Human-era Death written all over it; stream it below.

An Underling song wouldn’t sound out of place on Celeste’s most recent album, although there’s a certain delicate quality to the production that I’m really enjoying, like Nachtmystium at their gentler and more pensive moments. Check out “Guided”:

[UPDATE: Apparently I already posted about Underling a few weeks ago. Whoops! Guess I must really like this band.]

Fans of Porcupine Tree / Steven Wilson, etc ought to really enjoy the fairly straight-forward prog metal of Burak Ozmucur. “Prog” is a stretch, actually; the songwriting is pretty straight-forward, too, delivered in concise, catchy doses. So, like, the Porcupine Tree chilled out metal vibes and soundscapes without the prog elements. I love the layered vocal harmonies.

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