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Exclusive Track Premiere: Exhumed’s “Gravewalker”


Exhumed Iron Reagan Split

The world is getting all hot n’ bothered about these superhero team-up movies, like Batman vs. Superman and Iron Man vs. Viking Man vs. ‘Merica Man and  Old Dude from Famous Boxing Movie vs.  Old Dude from Different Famous Boxing Movie. But the only kinda superhero team-up we care about here at MetalSucks is of the split variety: those awesome opportunities to throw on a record, headbang so hard you get whiplash, then flip that record over and headbang so hard you get whiplashier thanks a totally different band. Monogamy is for chumps.

Take, for example, the new split 12″ featuring gorehounds Exhumed on one side and crossover kings Iron Reagan on the other. Both of these bands are coming off of critically acclaimed full-lengths which ended up on many a year-end list; both of these bands are shit-tons of fun; both of these bands represent everything right with extreme music today. And now you’re telling me they’re both on one release? And I don’t even have to sit through some dumb expository shit that makes no sense to get the part where they just fucking the fucking fuck out of everything straight to hell? Even the cover art is a perfect blend of these two groups’ awesomeness! What did we do to be so lucky? We must have been repentant Crazy Town fans in a former life of something.

The split comes out January 7 on Tankcrimes, and can now be pre-ordered here… but because your Uncle Axl and your Uncle Vince both love you so much, we’ve gone ahead and arranged it so that you can listen to one of the split’s new Exhumed tracks, “Gravewalker,” right this very second. It’s jaw-breaking, heart-attack inducing deathrash of the highest order. You’re so welcome!!!

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