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A Mathematical Evaluation: Which 2013 Albums Were the Most Beloved by the MetalSucks Staff?


Best of 2013 Spreadsheet

As we’ve explained many times before, the reason we invite each MetalSucks writer to contribute his or her own year-end list — as opposed to just doing one big collective MetalSucks list — is because we love to debate (well, argue, really), and we value differences of opinion.

But if we WERE to do a collective MetalSucks year-end list for 2013, we have some idea of how it might look, thanks to reader Andrew S.

See, for the second year in a row, Andrew has made a chart of ALL the albums named in our year-end lists, assigning each position (one through fifteen, duh) to each position. According to this grading system, MetalSucks’ collective ten favorite albums of the year were:

1. Carcass, Surgical Steel
2. Gorguts, Colored Sands
3. The Ocean, Peligial
4. Revocation, Revocation
5. Deafheaven, Sunbather
6. Intronaut, Habitual Levitations
7. Altar of Plagues, Teethed Glory and Injury
8. Queens of the Stone Age, …Like Clockwork
9. Voivod, Target Earth
10. Ulcerate, Vermis

Not a bad list! I knew our staff had good taste.

You can download Andrew’s entire spreadsheet and explore it for yourself here.

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