Metallica Set a World Record

  • Axl Rosenberg

Well, this is kinda neat: thanks to their special concert in Antarctica over the weekend, Metallica have become the first band in history to perform on all seven continents in under a year.

Actually, I would have assumed that the very act of playing in Antarctica would have been some kind of… well, not record, but at least, like, a title or whatever. I mean, for real, has any other major artists ever played there? Who? The Rolling Stones? Bruce Springsteen? U2? Sharon, Lois & Bram? No. This is a feat only Metallica have accomplished. Probably because all those other bands were like “Play WHERE? Yeah fuck that,” but still! Metallica’s music has truly reached people across the globe, a feat about which even I cannot make jest.

To gloat celebrate, the band has released the below ninety-second video about the show. The coolest part, by far, is getting to hear what it sounded like inside that little globe-thingy without the headphones required to hear the band (’cause there were no amps). It’s actually kind of hilarious. Enjoy:


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