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Dad Metal Songs Now Available for Free Download

  • Axl Rosenberg

Dad Metal EP

Boy, it sure seems like a whole lotta you really loved the “Dad Metal” mock infomercial we posted yesterday. So this oughta make you happy: Mohicans, the San Francisco band that wrote and performed all the music for “commercial” (and also appear as all the various bands in that commercial) have now made all the music from the video available for free download. Mohicans guitarist Luke Partridge tells MetalSucks:

“For some reason, a few people seem to be digging it, so we threw the actual tracks up on a Bandcamp page for a laugh. They’re all pretty short (we knew we wouldn’t use much of each track), but what the hell.”

Actually, the six song EP has a running time of a little over eleven minutes, so grind fans may actually find it to be kind long in the tooth.

Stream the Dad Metal EP below, and download it for free here.

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