Worst Band Ever of the Day: Godlike

  • Axl Rosenberg

Although most people are aware that the 90s are over because of the calendar, Godlike apparently have no access to a calendar, and have thus created a terrific song to be used in the trailer for the next horrible English-language Jet Li move to be made in 1998. They sound like Limp Bizkit, Hellyeah, and Dope all fucked, and then had the kind of baby so ugly you have no choice but to leave it out in the wilderness and let God decide its fate.

Also terrible: their video for the song “Original Rebel.” And not just because the song is bad, and not just because a bunch of 20-somethings in 2014 laying claim to being original rebels is wholly ridiculous, and not just because it’s full of silly clichés. No, mostly it sucks because whomever filmed it apparently didn’t have a light meter handy. I mean, this is an actual screenshot taken from the video, while the brightness on my monitor was up as high as it will go:

Godlike Original Rebel Video



For fuck’s sake.

Actually, by underexposing the footage to the point of making the clip nearly unwatchable, this person may have been doing us a favor.

[via Metal Underground]

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