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Sh*t That Comes Out Today: January 21, 2014

  • David Lee Rothmund

Lethe When Dreams Become Nightmares

Hey MetalSucks readers and welcome back to Shit That Comes Out Today, your weekly (satanic) bible of hard and heavy new releases. 2014 is back in full swing, so we’ll see you here every Tuesday for a new heap of fresh metal for your insatiable maw. We round up links to all the advance streams; we redirect you to our pithy, fearless reviews; we roll out the dirtiest and coolest cover art. You jam and jam again! 


Murmur MurmurMurmur
Murmur (Season Of Mist)
On a playlist with: Ephel Duath, Ved Buens Ende
Listen Murmur full stream (here)

Have you ever wondered what would happen if dirty bar rock band had a cute little lovechild with David Lynch? Probably not! But spin Murmur’s Murmur and it’ll make sense. There are soft parts, progressive parts, evil dark/black parts, and even some weird parts. So with all the parts strewn together you’d expect Murmur to be one of those hapless, neurotic very post- albums which leave you more confused and unfilled than a wet dream. Nope!


Persuader - The Fiction MazePersuader
The Fiction Maze (Inner Wound)
On a playlist with: Blind Guardian, Demons & Wizards, Lucifer’s Heritage
Listen “Son Of Sodom” (here)

Our dedicated readers have pointed out that Persuader sounds like Blind Guardian — that’s one hell of a compliment. I definitely hear the similarities, but Persuader has a bit less finesse but a bit more oomph. The Fiction Maze isn’t 100% my jam, and neither is Blind Guardian, but I can see why they’re both fantastic. Both kind of make me want to ride a chariot into work.


Throwdown - IntoleranceThrowdown
Intolerance (eOne)
On a playlist with: Sworn Enemy, Bury Your Dead, Hatebreed
Listen “Avow” (here) “Defend With Violence” (here)
Read Emperor Rhombus MetalSucks review (here)

There’s nothing wrong with simplicity. Also there’s nothing wrong with straight edge. They’re just things — ignore them if you don’t like them! Still I’m kinda sad that Intolerance, an unblinking combination of the two, could’ve been a Real Sexy Album. You know how The Acacia Strain isn’t like, mindbogglingly complicated, deadbeat, or outplayed? I wish Throwdown would share that ethos! But if your fans are dudes with bad attitudes and clean piss, it might be safer to appease.


The Kennedy VeilThe Kennedy Veil
Trinity Of Falsehood (Unique Leader)
On a playlist with: Rivers Of Nihil, Beneath The Massacre, Origin
Listen “Necrotic Gosepl” (here) “Enslave. Defile. Erase.” (here) “In The Ashes Of Humanity” (here)

Good ol’ fucking modern tech-death. Remember last year we at MS were all like OMG about Rivers Of Nihil? Well, The Kennedy Veil isn’t that good. Trinity Of Falsehood sounds a bit less amateur than RoN, but that just means any grit gets lost in a hyper-polished production. Nevertheless, Trinity is motherfucking solid and mothertrucking unstoppable. It just doesn’t reach out and surprise you from around any corners.


Crystal Viper - PossessionCrystal Viper
Possession (AFM)
On a playlist with: lulwat
Listen  Possession full stream (here)

Anybody who didn’t read this yet can now read this: What the hell is Possession? I mean, I don’t get it. I’d love to sit down with the dudes (and lady) in the band and be like, “So, Crystal Viper, what was your creative process like with your newest record?” and then “So, Crystal Viper, how has your local metal community reacted so far?” Once I went to this silly, dead-empty power metal joint on the outskirts of Zagreb. People dressed in the Hot Topic fashions of the early-2000s. I could smell Axe, sweat, and other unmentionables. That was years ago but I swear I heard this album through the body fog.


Monte Pittman-The Power Of ThreeMonte Pittman
The Power Of Three (Metal Blade)
On a playlist with: late Ozzy Osbourne, Red Dragon Cartel, Black Label Society
Listen “Before The Mourning Son” (here) “A Dark Horse” (here)

The Power Of Three is wildly fantastic. One of my favorites so far of this year, and if it was last year, it’d be on my Top 15. Like, oh my, this shit explodes out of your speakers — yet it’s so laid back and chill. Plus it makes you feel wonderful. Sometimes that’s all you need — good feels, good times, and classically good metal. Rock on and spill yer heartfelt opinions in the comments below. (Bonus: Monte Pittman plays for Madonna. The more ya know).



Aenaon Extance (Code 666) listen
Alcest Shelter (Prophecy) listen listen listen
Apostolum Winds Of Disillusion (Moribund) listen
Astral Domine Arcanum Gloriae (Bakerteam) listen listen
» Avichi Catharsis Absolute (Profound Lore) listen
Axel Rudi Pell Into The Storm (SPV) listen lol
Battleaxe Burn This Town reissue (SPV) listen
hellChrome Division Infernal Rock Eternal (Nuclear Blast) listen
Culted Oblique To All Paths (Relapse) listen listen
Drudkh Eastern Frontier In Flames collection (Season Of Mist) listen
Drudkh/Winterfylleth Thousands Of Moons Ago/The Gates split EP (Season Of Mist) listen
Ethereal Riffian Aeonian (Mulligore) listen listen
Graveborne Through The Window Of The Night (Seance) listen listen listen
» Hell/Amarok split (Pesanta Urfolk) listen
Iced Earth Plagues Of Babylon (Century Media) listen
ManesIce Nine Kills The Predator Becomes The Prey (Fearless) listen listen
In This Moment Blood: Special Edition CD/DVD (Century Media) listen
Indian From All Purity (Relapse) listen listen read
¤ Lethe When Dreams Become Nightmares (Debemur Morti) listen listen
Lvcifyre Svn Eater (Dark Descent) listen
» Manes Teeth, Toes And Other Trinkets collection (Debemur Morti) listen
Nashville Pussy Up The Dosage (SPV) listen
October 31 The Fire Awaits You reissue (Hells Headbangers) listen
Scent Of RemainsOperadyse Pandemonium (SPV) listen
Pro-Pain The Final Revolution (SPV) listen
Rogash Supremacy Undone (War Anthem) listen
» Scent Of Remains Under A Blackened Sky (Pavement) listen
Silent Force Rising From The Ashes (AFM) listen
Sister Disguised Vultures (Metal Blade) listen
Tempel On The Steps Of The Temple (Prosthetic) listen listen listen read
Under Cities Never A Lost Cause (Red Cord) listen
Vardan The Woods Is My Coffin (Moribund) listen
Warfather Orchestrating The Apocalypse (Greyhaze) listen


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