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There are More Than a Thousand Things I’d Rather Do Instead of Listen to More Than a Thousand


Some bands should NOT have lyric videos. Like, if your lyricist can’t come up with anything better than the philosophical questions of your average thirteen-year-old, you should probably do as little as possible to call attention to what he’s saying as possible. ESPECIALLY if you don’t have great music to fall back on. MAYBE Enslaved or Gojira or some band like that could get away with the narcissistic, paranoid musings of an adolescent sociopath. But when your band’s name contains a number that is only 1/1,ooo,oooth of the other bands that sound EXACTLY LIKE YOU, then, sorry, but you’re ineligible for the “Get Dumb Lyricist Out of Jail Free” card.

More Than a Thousand’s Vol.5 Lost At Home [sic] comes out February 18 on eOne/Good Fight.

[via Lambgoat]

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