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Munky Says Korn and Avenged Sevenfold Will Play Mayhem Fest 2014

  • Axl Rosenberg

m shadows and munky

Today’s award for Musician Who Has Most Pissed Off His Handlers goes to Korn’s James “David Draiman Noises” Shaffer, who let this lil’ bit of news slip out a good two months before it’s traditionally announced:

I’m sure Mayhem’s organizers are just glad he didn’t give away the rest of the bill.

ANYWAY, this seems par for the course for Mayhem, the line-up of which tends to be about 50/50 when it comes to bands I really like and bands I loathe (as opposed to, say, Summer Slaughter, which, at worst, is usually like 90/10). So assuming Korn and A7X are the headliners, who’s on the undercard?

While you speculate in the comments section below, enjoy this video of M. Shadows filling-in for an ill Jonathan Davis at the 2006 Download Festival in England. Fun bonus fact: Vince and I were there. We had plans to go watch whomever was playing on one of the smaller stages during Korn’s set, but we decided to stick around specifically to see Shadows and a parade of other guest vocalists take Davis’ spot. And, honestly, Davis’ absence made it 110% the best Korn performance I’ve ever seen. Well, second best. I was at a festival where they just cancelled altogether once. THAT was their best performance.

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