Prince Harry Loves The Big Four


prince harry

Metal music was created in England — so it makes sense that there’s finally a fan of the genre in the Royal Family.

Actor Dominic West, who you may know from playing “McNulty” on The Wire, or from his criminally underrated performance as “Jigsaw” in Punisher: War Zone, recently accompanied Prince Harry to the South Pole while working for a charity called Walking with the Wounded. And what did Mr. West learn about His Highness on the trip? He tells The Daily Star:

“Harry has a terrible selection on his iPod. It is the sort of thing soldiers listen to. Hardcore thrash metal.”

The only specific bands West named were all the members of The Big Four, so, alas, Evile don’t get that royal endorsement they’ve been working so hard for all these years.

In related news, my heart is broken that McNulty thinks metal is “terrible” music that “soldiers listen to.” So what if soldiers DO listen to metal, Dom? Are you saying these soldiers have bad taste? How could you dare say they when they risk their lives to protect your freedom?!? WHY DON’T YOU SUPPORT THE TROOPS, MCNULTY?!?!?!

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