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Exmortus: Genuine Innovators in On-Stage Choreography


Exmortus InnovatorsOn Monday night, Vince and I went to the Dark Tranquillity/Omnium Gatherum/Exmortus tour’s stop here in NYC, and while all of the bands were good, Exmortus were especially noteworthy. A lot of that, obviously, has to do with how kick ass their music is, and the fact that they have the ability to recreate that music in a live setting with plenty of energy and headbanging and cock thrusting and all the other stage moves we’ve come to expect from our metal gods.

But part of it also had to do with the fact that at one point guitarist/vocalist Conan Gonzalez and guitarist David Rivera pulled this little move…

…at which point everyone in the crowd went apeshit. “How has NO ONE ever thought to do that before???” Vince asked me. But that’s what genius is: the simple idea no one has ever thought of before.

(I’m sure some asshole in the comments section will now point out that, in fact, Bludh Fjörd did this in 1984. I’d just like to preemptively advise that person to go fuck a donkey. Even if someone HAS done this before, it’s certainly not common.)

Obviously, most stage choreography is fucking bullshit, the kind of thing relied upon by untalented bands who have no other real way to hold the audience’s attention. But that just makes Exmortus’ accomplishment all the more noteworthy. Most bands who attempt this kind of shit just do the same ol’ same ol’ that’s been going on for thirty (fuck, might be closer to forty at this point) years. Infamous on-stage dancers This or the Apocalypse, for example, seem to have every second of their show planned down to the tiniest detail, but they still can’t really think of anything to do besides jump in unison on a certain cue. But Exmortus? These dudes are genuine innovators!!!

Exmortus are still on tour, and if you miss them, you’re a fool. Get all upcoming dates here. Their awesome new album, Slave to the Sword, is out now on Prosthetic.

And I leave you with even more videos of what shall heretofore be known as “The Exmortus”:

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