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Hannes Grossmann Illuminates Aeon

  • Axl Rosenberg

Hannes Grossman - The Radial CovenantYou don’t really see a whole lotta solo albums from metal drummers, do you? Although the reason for this seems pretty straightforward (unless the play another instrument, coming up with material on their own could certainly prove to be a challenge), it still seems a little odd, given the revered status good drummers hold in the metal world.

I mention it because Hannes Grossmann, current drummer for Obscura and Blotted Science and former drummer for Necrophagist, has recorded a solo album. It’s called The Radial Covenant and features guest appearances from Grossmann’s Blotted Science bandmate, Ron Jarzombek, his Obscura bandmate, Christian Muenzner, as well as Jeff Loomis and Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry, The Absence). So that sounds pretty appetizing, now?

Grossmann has now released the first single from the album, “Aeon Illuminate,” is pretty much the space-aged, progged-out tech death you’d expect from this dude. Which is to say: it’s siqqqqqqqqqqqq. Check it out below… if you like any of Grossmann’s other work, it’s impossible for me to imagine you won’t like this, too.

The Radial Covenant is available now via Grossmann’s website.

[via Metal Underground]

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