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15 Minutes of Music from the Doug Pinnick / George Lynch / Ray Luzier Project Sounds Pretty Promising!



When Doug Pinnick, George Lynch and Ray Luzier announced their new KXM collaboration a month ago I speculated that it might end up being pretty boss, seeing as how these guys are all phenomenal musicians in their own right. And today we’ve got the goods to prove it: nearly 15 music of music from the album, a little bit of each track.

As you’d expect from these cats, the tunes are bluesy but hard rocking, dextrous but catchy. It’s hard to imagine that any fans of King’s X or Lynch Mob won’t dig the hell out of it. Ray Luzier is such a good drummer that we’ll just overlook the part where he plays in Korn (gotta pay the bills, right?).

Faith Is A Room With Many Doors comes out March 11th and can be pre-ordered here.

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