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Warriors of Doom: Pilgrim are “The Paladin”


Pilgrim - II: Void Worship

Void Worship is the perfect name for a doom album; isn’t so much of doom ultimately about appreciating the empty spaces in its eternal, bleak slowness?

Ironically then, “The Paladin” — the first track we’re hearing from Pilgrim’s forthcoming new album (full name II: Void Worship, this being Pilgrim’s second effort) — is something of an up-beat number for this band. But let’s not get caught up in superficial details, because the track has everything else you want from a doom(ish) track: fuzzed out riffs, haunting vocals, a creepy vibe and memorable hooks. If Ghost took a bong hit and dropped the costume/mysterioso shtick — but kept their knack for catchy songs — they might as well be these guys. Jam it below:

II: Void Worship comes out on April 1st in North America (and a few days earlier elsewhere) and can be pre-ordered here.

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