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Devin Townsend Puts the “Fund” in “Crowdfunding,” Reaches 249% of His Goal in First Day

  • Axl Rosenberg

Devy Casualties of Cool Pledge Music

In case Devin Townsend’s overwhelming popularity wasn’t already readily apparent: within twenty-four hours of launching the crowdfunding campaign for his Casualties of Cool project this past Friday, Mr. Townsend achieved 249% of his total goal, according to The PRP. As of this writing, less than seventy-two hours since the campaign kickoff, it’s up to 275%. Furthermore, most of the costliest rewards for pledging to the campaign have already been snatched up. These include(d) a signed guitar (£3,162, or about $5,251), Skype lessons in both vocals and guitar (£200/$332), and custom hand drawn pictures by Devy himself (£104/$173). If he had charged people for the privilege of giving him head, I have little doubt people would have paid.

And, oh yeah, the campaign doesn’t end for nearly another three months.

If that’s not just a big, warm hug from the internet, than nothing is.

Typically, Townsend is handling his success with incredible class: he’s announced that he’ll use some of the extra money to help pay for Ziltoid 2 (which begins recording at the same time as Casualties of Cool), and he’ll donate some of the extra money  “to 3 homeless animal shelters” (I assume he means shelters for homeless animals, not animal shelters which currently lack homes… although either would be a worthy cause). And, oh yeah, he’s thanking everyone for their support via the release of a new Casualties of Cool song, “Forgive Me.” Shock of shocks: it’s really, really good. Listen (via Heavy Blog is Heavy):

If you’d still like to contribute to the campaign (and I’m guessing plenty of you would), you can do so here.

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