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Matt Sorg Ringworm Rigged

Earlier this month we premiered “Psychic Vampire,” a track from Ringworm’s new album Hammer of the Witch (March 18th) that illuminates just how hard the Cleveland quintet is ripping it these days. While our sister site Gear Gods spoke with guitarist John Comprix about how he achieves his tone, today we get into it with co-axeman Matt Sorg. 

On our new record Hammer of the Witch I used a Gibson Les Paul Standard. The Les Paul has DiMarzio D-Activator pickups in it. All of my Gibsons are loaded with DiMarzios except for my SG Showcase Edition which I don’t use in Ringworm anymore; I have it tuned to B for another band I play in called Soulless. I played my leads on this new record with my Ace Frehley signature Gibson Les Paul. It’s still got the original pickups which are DiMarzio Super Distortions. It’s an amazing guitar!

I play the Les Pauls through my 1985 50 watt Marshall JCM 800. Up until three years ago I used a JCM 900, but I found this 800 on eBay and had it modded for extra gain. It’s got that ’80s thrash sound I was looking for. I play through the same beat up, road worn Marshall cabinet that I’ve been using since the ’90s.

For leads I kick on a Strictly 7 overdrive pedal which is basically their version of an Ibanez Tube Screamer. I think it sounds better than the Ibanez and it only has two knobs so it’s a little easier to dial in. I also run a Boss GE-7 EQ pedal which I leave on all the time, a Boss TU-2 tuner and a Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor.

All three of us in Ringworm use SIT Strings. I’ve been using them since I was a kid. Great strings and awesome guys!

My live setup is the same: one of my Gibsons with Dimarzios through my JCM 800 with those same pedals.

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