Tom G. Warrior on Century Media’s Melana Chasmata Box Set: “It is My Personal Recommendation to Triptykon’s Fans Not to Purchase It.”


Triptykon - Melana ChasmataWhen Triptykon announced their heavily anticipated sophomore album Melana Chasmata earlier this month, that announcement included word of a box set edition of the release, which would be limited to two-thousand copies. Knowing how rabid Tom G. Warrior fans are, I have little doubt that the box set would have sold out… the operative phrase there being would have. ‘Cause now Mr. Warrior has posted this missive on Triptykon’s Facebook page:

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 11.29.32 AM

Unfortunately, it’s not at all uncommon to hear about labels having, and utilizing, the legal right to put out releases against a band’s wishes. Luckily, pre-orders for this version of the album aren’t live yet… so hopefully word will spread to all of Triptykon’s fans before they spend money on it.

Melana Chasmata comes out April 15 via Century Media Records/Prowling Death Records Ltd. I just heard it for the first time, and it is a FUCKING BEAST. So regardless of whatever format you end up purchasing, you should absolutely purchase it.

Thanks: Shawn H.

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