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The Shrine Have Another New Track on This Awesome Free Compilation by Converse


CONS EP Vol. 1

Remember all the way back to yesterday when we premiered a sweet new track by self-proclaimed “destroyers of rock ‘n’ roll” The Shrine? Well, huzzah, here’s another!

This one’s a collaborative effort with guitarist Barrett Avner and it appears on the CONS EP Vol. 1, a completely free compilation of tracks from all over the musical spectrum compiled by Converse. Each of the EP’s five tracks are collaborations, with punk rock faves Trash Talk also making an appearance.

But you know what? The best thing about compilations like this is discovering other kinds of music <gasp!> you might like, such as “Spaceshippin,” the groovin’, kickin’ track by The Bots and Los Rakas that came on automatically after this Shrine jam finished playing. And the Flatbush Zombies contribution to the EP’s opening track with Trash Talk — I’m assuming they’re the ones rapping here, not the Trash Talk dudes, although who knows. I’m loving this, a nice break from my daily/hourly/minute-ly/nonstop dose of metal.

Check out the full CONS EP here. The Shrine’s track is embedded below for your convenience.

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