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Sh*t That Comes Out Today: March 11, 2014

  • David Lee Rothmund


Hello and welcome back to Shit That Comes Out Today, your free listening post for each week’s heavy new releases. Ever forget to take your medication and go a bit fuck-nuts but it’s actually the best feeling ever? No? Well, it’s just like listening to today’s new albums one after another. Try it!


Lost_Forever_Lost_TogetherArchitects (UK)
Lost Together // Lost Forever (Epitaph)
On a playlist with: Bring Me The Horizon, While She Sleeps, The Devil Wears Prada
Listen Lost Together // Lost Forever full stream (here

I’ve noticed a trend in modern English bands: half-metalcore, half-hardcore splice with hints of djent thump-thump and whiny vocals. I’m not the biggest fan, but Bring Me The Horizon is a distant cousin of this new Architects jam and I’m all about their Sempiternal. Anyway, Lost Together // Lost Forever is pretty damn good if forgettable. It oozes modernity — it sounds brand new — but that’s not warranting repeat listens.


Tortorum KatabasisTortorum
Katabasis (WTC)
On a playlist with: Acrimonious, Voidhanger, Burzum
Listen “Into The Sixth Coil” (here)

Our dearest apologies for neglecting black metal a bit in STCOT. It’s just that it rarely causes a stir inside of me. (Guess I suck.) Well, Tortorum’s newest is the exception! As its final notes ring, I’m immediately overcome with this passion to find more black metal bands that make me feel the same. Maybe it’s that I’m missing out on a huge subgenre (which I definitely am) that takes a bit of work to appreciate! As of now, I’m down for it. If you’re hard to convince like me, start with “Into The Sixth Coil.” Wicked.


Ogre The Last NeanderthalOgre
The Last Neanderthal (Minotauro)
On a playlist with: Ozzy Osbourne, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath
Watch “Nine Princes In Amber” (here)

The most important thing about this new Ogre release: One of its songs has a LEGO-themed music video (above). That’s great! Too bad the music is less than, uh, desirable. It kind of sounds like a very young and very looped-out Ozzy singing in front of cheap stomp-box distortion and less talent. So basically an amusing band from Portland using a popular Danish toy to distract you from their bastardization of a British rock royalty. The world, it’s falling to pieces!


Conan - Blood EagleConan
Blood Eagle (Napalm)
On a playlist with: Ramesses, Kongh, Eagle Twin
Listen Blood Eagle full stream (here)
Read Cat Jones MetalSucks review (here)

Doom. Doom, doom, doom. Just imagine your favorite back-of-the-woods, dirty, sludgy doom band and multiply it by 50. I seriously think Conan should hook up with a pro headphones manufacturer because Blood Eagle sounds unholy through a set of good in-ear monitors. It creates a sensory deprivation chamber right in your head! The fuzz disturbs your brainwaves and sets you off into this wonderful, numb dimension for hours. Who needs drugs, right?


Gojira - Les Enfants SauvagesGojira
Les Enfants Sauvages live CD/DVD (Roadrunner)
On a playlist with: Killadelphia DVD
Watch “Flying Whales” (here)
Read Anso DF MetalSucks review (here)

Can confirm, Gojira rocks on records and their live show is a totally different experience. This new CD/DVD combo is as close as you’re gonna get without forking over for concert tickets which you should because, like I said, Gojira rocks. (Source: Seen Gojira twice.) I also have a Mario Duplantier tattoo on my ass. Okay not really, but hng those elephant marching riffs and that wicked sexy drumming goes a hella long way in making their concerts unforgettable!


Nervosa Victim Of YourselfNervosa
Victim Of Yourself (Napalm)
On a playlist with: Arch Enemy, Death, Butcher Babies
Listen “Into Mosh Pit” (here) “Death” (here)

Click the link above for “Death” and tell me you have anything against Victim Of Yourself. Nope? That’s what I thought.



Dark Forest The AwakeningAnnihilator Feast Limited Edition 2CD/DVD (UDR) listen
Armageddon Rev.16.16 Sundown On Humanity (Pitch Black) listen
Barren Womb The Sun’s Not Yellow, It’s Chicken (Spartan) listen
Biblical Monsoon Season (New Damage) listen
The Casket Crew Coercion (Cimmerian Shade) listen
Crypt Of Silence Beyond Shades (Solitude) listen
» Dark Forest The Awakening (Cruz Del Sur) listen listen
Entartung Peccata MortaliaDirge Hyperion (Debemur Morti) listen
» Entartung Peccata Mortalia (WTC) listen
Insain Enlightening The Unknown (Kaotoxin) listen
John Baizley, Nate Hall, Mike ScheidtSongs Of Townes Van Zandt Vol II (Neurot) listen listen
» Kirk Masquerade (Mausoleum) listen
KXM KXM (Rat Pak) listen
Monsterworks Universe (Eat Lead & Die) listen
Kirk-MasqueradeOur Last Enemy Pariah (Eclipse) listen
Psalm Zero The Drain (Profound Lore) listen
¤ Scibex Path To Omors (Tridroid) listen
Seal Of Solomon I The King (Wormholedeath) listen
The Shrine Bless Off (Tee Pee) listen listen listen
Shroud Of The Heretic Revelations In Alchemy (Blood Harvest) listen
Valknacht Le Sacrifice d’Ymir (PRC) listen
Volume IV Long In The Tooth (Ripple) listen

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