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Police Allegedly Investigating Drugs as a Possible Cause of Dave Brockie’s Death


General Atmosphere - Day 1 - Comic-Con International 2013I just read this on Metal Insider:

“According to Richmond TV stationWTVR, law enforcement sources claimed that based on evidence gathered at his house, his death is being investigated as drug-related.”

This conflicts with a story the gossip site TMZ ran earlier this week, whose police sources claimed that no drugs were found at the scene of Brockie’s death. Of course, the “evidence gathered at his house” doesn’t have to be actual drugs — it could be so-called “drug paraphernalia” or who even knows what else. And I believe an autopsy was already planned — which I assume would be standard procedure under such circumstances (e.g., the deceased is so young, there’s no indication that it was a suicide, etc.) — so investigating the possibility that Brockie’s death was drug-related may just be a matter of course. In any case, it could be more than six weeks before the results of the toxicology report are available, so the cause of Brockie’s death could very well remain a mystery for awhile.

That being said, regardless of how or why Brockie died, it’s devastating loss. This might sound weird, but yesterday I was going through my Twitter feed, and the absence of any Oderus tweets was very apparent — Brockie used to tweet regularly, and his tweets were always hilarious. So, like I said — their absence hit me over the head like a hammer. Dave Brockie made a mark on the world, which is really all any of us can hope for in life.

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