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Chris Broderick Splits with Megadeth, to be Replaced by Former Nevermore Bandmate Jeff Loomis


loomis and mustaine

Well, we definitely did not see this coming!

We just got this press release from Megadeth:

“Megadeth have amicably parted ways with guitarist Chris Broderick. He will be replaced by renowned axe slinger Jeff Loomis, formerly of Nevermore.

“‘It is a thrill and an honor to become a part of such a legendary band,’ said Loomis. ‘Funny enough, I first auditioned for Megadeth when I was a teenager, and Dave told me I was too young for the job! So this feels like it was a long time coming.’

“Adds Megadeth mastermind Dave Mustaine: ‘Everyone knows that Jeff Loomis is one of the best guitar players in the world today. When it comes to expressing how overjoyed we are to have him as part of the Megadeth family, I am truly at a loss for words.’

“Loomis will make his live debut with the band on their upcoming tour with Motörhead, which kicks off on April 17 in Las Vegas. Tickets are available here.”

And that’s it. The press release doesn’t offer any additional info on Broderick’s departure from ‘Deth. Hell, it doesn’t even make mention of the fact that Loomis and Broderick have a close relationship (Broderick used to be a touring guitarist for Nevermore, duh).

So, yeah, this is pretty intense! I don’t think anyone should be shocked that Broderick has split with the band — at this point, I just assume that everyone will leave Megadeth at some point — but the news that Loomis is his replacement…! It’s unlikely Loomis can do anything to curb Dave’s douchiness, but hopefully he can at least stick around long enough to help the band write a better album than Supercollider. In fact, I’ll go on record right now as saying that if Mustaine stays the hell outta Loomis’ way, Loomis could probably write the best Megadeth album since Countdown to Extinction.

Get tickets for all upcoming Megadeth/Loomis tour dates here.

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