Unsigned and Unholy

Unsigned and Unholy: Odem, Hyperial, Wayfarer


Hyperial - Industry

I love the kind of brutal, technical (but not “tech-death”) death metal that Odem play. Two-thirds Morbid Angel and one-third something more modern, like The Faceless perhaps. In many ways they remind me of Rivers of Nihil. Here’s their latest EP The Valley of Cut Tongues, which comes to us from Daemon Worship Productions:

More death metal from Hyperial in a similar vein as the above, but augmented by the use of synthesizers (in a non-cheesy way, mercifully). These guys lean a little more towards the modern side of the DM mix. Here’s their 2012 album Industry:

Wayfarer lean a bit more towards the black metal side of the spectrum, but in a worldly, loosely defined use of that term akin to, say, Nachtmystium or Cormorant. Really their music is much more complex than most black metal and incorporates all sorts of influences, even a touch of hard rock melody. I really dig the production aesthetic — clear but gritty. Here’s the two-track Children of the Iron Age EP:

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