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In Flames’ Website Got Hacked


It seems as if the official website of In Flames has been hacked. All that’s been up there recently has been a single image and a hashtag teasing the band’s next album, but I think we can all agree what’s up there right now has nothing to do with #IF2014. Check it out here. If it’s been fixed by the time you get to it, here’s what it looked like as of around 11am EDT today:


The hackers accuse In Flames of “trolling [them] for way too long.” I (seriously) wonder if that’s a reference to the quality of Sounds of a Playground Fading and A Sense of Purpose or if there’s something more personal and sinister going on between In Flames and the hackers? Pretty funny either way, and, since we know there wasn’t much data lost — just the aforementioned barebones splash bones — I don’t feel too bad making a joke about it.

I wonder what info the hackers have that they’re threatening to leak at 6am EST tomorrow? Stay tuned.


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