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Juicy Rumor: Cloudkicker + Intronaut Live Studio Album in the Works?


Cloudkicker First Rehearsal

If true, this would be ridiculously awesome: there’s a rumor floating around that Cloudkicker (Ben Sharp) went into a proper recording studio with his current live backing band — aka Intronaut — to record their whole set live to tape!

How bad ass would that be? No longer would our experience of Cloudkicker + Intronaut be relegated to the personal memories we create in the flesh at this limited run of shows and YouTube bootlegs of questionable quality.

Heavy Blog caught an interview with Rise Above the Anchor in which Mr. Sharp dropped this nugget:

Sacha [Dunable, Intronaut] has a guy in Austin, TX who told us we need to stop by his studio before the show in Austin that night and record a live album. We’re pretty set on that idea, about 75% on it, we’ll record it in the studio, but it will still be a “live” album.

The Austin date was on April 6th meaning this recording date potentially already happened. How exciting! Of course we have no word on whether it did or did not come to pass, but we’re hopeful.

In other Cloudkicker rumors, the record label Blood Music is allegedly releasing Cloudkicker vinyl without Sharp’s consent, although that practice is perfectly legal under the Creative Commons license Ben issued for his music. Very bizarre! Read all about it here.

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