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Some Website I’ve Never Heard of Says Jay Weinberg is the New Drummer for Slipknot

  • Axl Rosenberg

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I’d never heard of WolverineKills before this morning, and Lambgoat calls it a “Metal rumor clearing-house,” which isn’t the most flattering description. So take this report from the site with a microscopic grain of salt:

“We have received a word that former Against Me! drummer Jay Weinberg is the new drummer for Slipknot, replacing Joey Jordison… While we cannot confirm this to be true (only the band can do that) we can verify that Jay left his former band Against Me! in January [of 2012]… While we have no evidence to support this rumor we decided to pass it along as we think there is a good possibility this rumor will turn out to be true.”

So first of all, PHEW!, I sure am glad they can verify that Weinberg left Against Me! in 2012, because it’s not like that was already public information or anything. Second of all, I dunno what the what Weinberg leaving one band two years before another band split with their drummer has to do with anything; no one knew in January of 2012 that Jordison was on the way out, so it’s not like that had any bearing on Weinberg’s decision to leave Against Me!. Brad Fickeisen split with The Red Chord in February of 2010, nearly FOUR years before Jordison left Slipknot. Maybe HE’S the band’s new drummer!!!

Still, I’d really love for this to be true, if for no other reason than because it might mean we’re finally going to get the Slipknot/Bruce Springsteen collaboration we’ve all been waiting for. Fingers crossed…

In related news, MetalSucks has received word that guitarist Chris Poland has replaced Wes Hauch in The Faceless. While we can’t provide any evidence of this rumor, we can verify that Poland left Megadeth in 1987, so, yeah, seems like some pretty solid intel.

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