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Allegaeon Wrote a 25-Second Track About Former Planet Pluto


Poor Pluto

When we were kids we were taught in school that there were nine planets in our solar system. Then, in 2006, the former ninth planet, Pluto, got demoted to a mere Kuiper Belt object. WTF, dude??? This NPR interview with the guy responsible for the demotion attempts to explain why Pluto is no longer called a planet — something having to do with the “tilted orbits” of Pluto and other non-planetary objects — but frankly it all sounds like poppycock to me. So are kids these days really taught that there are only eight planets? Psssshhhh.

Apparently the dudes in Allegaeon are pretty miffed about Pluto’s demotion, too. Whilst tracking for their new album, they cranked out a 25-second grind ditty called “The Ballad Ov Pluto” told from the perspective of the [ex-]planet itself:

Way to stand up for yourself, Pluto!! You tell ’em.

No word yet on an album title or release date for Allegaeon’s next effort, but from the looks of things it’ll be coming out in the next few months via Metal Blade.

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