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Death Deluxe: Remastered Leprosy Streaming


Death - Leprosy

It might strike you as a tad crass that the forthcoming reissue of Death’s Leprosy is available in editions that range from “special” to “holy shit overkill.” But you are wrong, friend: Whenever a band is more popular after their demise, they must double back for a victory lap via some spendy reissues. It’s only fair.

So it’s with open arms that we welcome a buff-and-polish for the middle album of Death’s first phase; soon to come was Human and the birth of the line-up we know as “Chuck Schuldiner + tech metal’s finest players.” It’s possible to better respect Schuldiner’s more impressive constructions, but Leprosy and its successor Spiritual Healing still rip as they are: awesome scary death metal from the genre’s exciting first years. Meet me in 1987 — stream it all at Loudwire here.

Pre-order Death’s fancy reissue of Leprosy here and here

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