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Antichrist Suicidal: ACxDC’s “Endless Failure”


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It’s a stretch, but this might remind you of that lame expression about god’s way of opening a window whenever a door has just been closed: Rock titans AC/DC announced last week that they must limp on without their spine (songwriter-guitarist Malcolm Young), but alas, here comes an awesome “Satanic powerviolence” band named ACxDC. Yay!

Again, it’s a stretch — but not a huge one, for ACxDC is as to-the-point, elemental, and deadpan hooky as their sorta-namesakes. Beyond that conceptual resemblance, you’ll be reminded by “Endless Failure” — the first jam from Antichrist Demoncore (out June 26) — of that first Suicidal Tendencies record covered by Agoraphobic Nosebleed: it’s similarly berserk, satanic, and hopeless. Crank it at Noisey here.

Antichrist Demoncore

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