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Exclusive Full-Album Stream: Noneuclid’s Metatheosis


Noneuclid - Metatheosis

PRAISE SATAN, have we ever got a special treat for you cats today: a full-album stream of Metatheosis, the new offering from Noneuclid. Featuring members of Obscura (bassist Linus Klausenitzer), Triptykon (guitarist V. Santura), and Dark Fortress (Santura as well as vocalist Morean and drummer Seraph), Noneuclid alternate between no-bullshit deathrash that will make you wanna strap on your leather wristbands with six-inch spikes and maim someone (no joke, parts of Metatheosis sound more like Slayer than the new Slayer song does), shadowy, impressively technical prog, and thorny groove so severe it’s guaranteed to lacerate your ear drums. You guys are gonna eat this shit up and beg for more.

Stream Metatheosis below! The album comes out May 6 on Blood Music. Pre-order physical copies here. It will also be available as a name-your-own-price digital release via Bandcamp. Enjoy!

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